Concept for an eco friendly children's furniture range, constructed from steamed bamboo.

Furniture Design • Graphic Design • Concept • Branding

"We like trees, we just don't use them" reads the brand statement for our children's furniture company Bambamboo. Our aim was to create an attractive and adaptable range of furniture for your kids room that gives you the freedom to deconstruct and re-use the pieces as your child grows.

The first design is a bunk bed, almost entirely constructed from eco friendly steamed bamboo planks. The colourful guards are available in a range of colours, and are completely removable when they are no longer needed. The bed also elegantly splits into two tasteful single beds, growing and changing with the needs of your family.

The second product is a innovative stackable drawer. The design is modern and stylish with bold shapes and colours. The units slip together satisfyingly, allowing you to build a modular storage system with ease. Colours can be mixed and matched to help you keep everyone happy.

Designed at Roar Creativity.