My name's Johnny.
I'm a designer, animator and art director based in London and Oxford.




Great design offers a thoughtful, efficient and effective solution to challenges. It ensures that your message connects with the right people in the right way.



Whether it's an internal presentation or your latest social media post, animation is an essential tool for inspiring, educating and entertaining your audience.



Bold and colourful images can help bring character to your communication, liven up long-form copy, and grab your audiences attention.

My creative services include:

Art Direction • Graphic Design • Animation • Illustration • Brand Design • 3D Design • Art Working • Print Design • Retouching • Photography • Layout Design • Experiential Design



My name is Johnny and I'm an experienced freelance senior designer and creative. My background is varied with skills including graphic design, 2D motion graphics, art direction, film, 3D design, web design, photography and illustration.

I have enjoyed years of experience working for agencies in both London and Amsterdam. In 2017 I co-founded Tabac, a creative collective which utilises the talented people that are part of my network to solve complex cross-disciplinary briefs. Click here to see some of our recent work.

I'm always happy to meet new people and discuss ideas. You can get in contact with me at hellojohnnyace@gmail.com or on +447772494355.


Johnny is an incredible talent with a thoughtful eye to detail and a creative mind that you rarely see. He joined us as a Senior Creative and I soon saw the potential in him and promoted him to Art Director. He continued to grow in the time we worked together and created some amazing original work. Johnny became an inspiring leader to the junior team and helped with their training and development as well as being a creative inspiration to myself and the wider team.
— Simon Hatter - Executive Creative Director, SET Creative
Johnny was one of the most talented, hard working, good natured and professional designers I ever employed. During the three and half years that he worked at Roar he successfully turned his hand to a wide variety of disciplines. He can conceptualise, visualise, spec, illustrate, design, art-direct, manage, execute and artwork. During his last year with us he started to take control of some of our biggest projects and proved himself more than capable of handling the pressure of managing larger jobs. I have no problem in recommending him and if he ever wanted to work with us again our door would always be open.
— Paul Nathan - Creative Director & Founder, Roar Creativity